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Why your business needs cyber security policies

Why your business needs cyber security policies

Cybercrime has made a top of an international agenda in which the severity and the commonality of the breaches continues to rise up. While the technology advancement brings extra convenience with much services being in the online and the cloud-based storage, also it makes the businesss vulnerable than there before to the cyber-attacks. Here is why your business needs cyber security policies.


It's important to protect the sensitive information to your business internally and also your clients.

It is very important you train the employees on how they have to protect your business internally. Develop and then communicate the risk management plan which educates the employees on the different cyber risks that could comprise procedures of setting the secure passwords, possibility on phishing, what type of the suspicious activity in looking for the outbound and the inbound traffic among others. It is not only very important to have the cyber security plan to protect your business's internal information; however it's also very important to protect the client information.

Many of the cyber breaches in recent years have happened through the vendors, this has no secret to the clients. Number of the client audits have risen alongside the cybercrime and the business needs which need to be ready in presenting the plans to the clients and the vendors which show you have the secure policies being in place so as to protect the information.


Cybercrime is in the all-time high and it's continuing to grow.

To many, magazines, filing cabinets and newspapers are then phased out. More businesses are now shifting or using the online services and the cloud-based storage. To this change, together with an increasing complexity of the cyber criminals, growth of the cyber-attacks is virtually inevitable. An idea which your business, in regard how small or big, is an outside of a risk of the breach would make you more of the target.


Cybercrime can destroy your business's reputation.

Not only a cybercrime breach causes the loss of the internal and the client information, also it can cause the damage of your business reputation. The reputational damage is very hard and many a times it is impossible for the business to recover from this. Clients need to be trusted from the companies which they usually work with and the negligence of acknowledging your business's vulnerability to the cybercrime would diminish the trust and negatively affect the bottom line.


The cyber security plan can prepare your business for the compliance investigation and the client audits.

With the cyber security regulations which are becoming more of the focus, it's essential that the business is ready to offer the actionable, the tested plan in the regulatory bodies and the clients who are executing audits. Are you having the plans in the place to offer when a time comes? Is your employee being trained to prevent and also respond to the cyber-attack? All these are the questions your business needs to be considered.

In the previous years, many would ran away without reporting the cyber incidents but a government is enforcing very strict laws so as to require the business to report the breaches involving the personal data and the majority of cities and states having enacted to these laws.


Amara Fontaine

Amara lives in San Diego, CA with her husband of 28 years. She enjoys spending the weekends with her husband, children and grandchildren at their favorite beach.

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