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Security strategies for small businesses

Security strategies for small businesses

One of the main factors in running a successful business,be it small or large is keeping it secure from intruders. More than the concern of any physical intrusion, these days what makes the owners go nuts is his concern over cyber intrusion. Internet is a thing every company big or small uses in order to promote or carry out its business activities.While the big companies spend a huge amount of money yearly making sure that their company stays safe and secure from any cyber intruders, small companies should take some very important steps in order to secure their proceedings over the internet as well.

In late 2013 The company "Target" got hit with the biggest retail ever recorded in United States history then. Soon after "Home Depot" came under an epic attack compromising the information of 56 million Credit cards. Even "Sony" got attacked by cyber criminal and very recently the cyber attack "ransomware" affected people of hundred countries extracting money and obtaining various data and information which were supposed to be secure with the companies. As more we become dependent on the internet for proceedings , the coming age of cyber attacks is only going to get worse and worse. The only line of defense is to be updated with our cyber security systems so as to have a lesser chance of getting compromised.The small businesses also deal with data of significant number of customers which if compromised results in financial loss,brand damage and other serious problems.Thus the owner have to follow these important steps to improve security of its company from any cyber threats that might happen in the future.

1. Cyber security as a Culture - The first very important step in protecting the company against cyber threats is to make the employee feel the graveness of the issue. The mind shift of the employees regarding keeping data and network secure every time they work over internet is creating the very needed culture required in order to keep the company secure online. Regular training and updating employees over the threats of cyber attack helps in the long run.

2. Rechecking The Infrastructure - A thorough review of the security system must be done at specific intervals so as to asses the vulnerability of the company's security system to any possible cyber threats. The penetration test should be conducted in order to determine the effectiveness of the security protocols against skilled hackers. Like the big companies do, they hire different security groups to look over their security systems and maintain a high level of security against cyber attack. Small companies should find a friendly consultant who could try to crack the security system for assessment purposes.

3. Installing the Regular Updates - Antivirus software release regular updates in an attempt to constantly change their algorithm for the hackers to find it difficult to crack. The patches and new definitions of viruses that are released , when updated makes the firewall stronger in the computer system thus making it less vulnerable in case of cyber attacks.

4. Securing Employees Account - The company employees are generally allowed to get access into the system administration for carrying out different functions and processes.These account of the employees are sometimes not secured properly due to the use of less strong password which are not a combinations of letters, special characters and numbers.Thus selecting a few trusted employees with a strong password in their account who gets the authority to access the vital administration panel of the system and rejecting others with less secured account could help in improving the cyber security of the company.

5. Secure Browser and Router - Often the browser that are used by the company employees are targeted by the skilled hackers in order to crack into the system's security. These browsers should be carefully operated and no spam mails or fake emails should be opened as well as no unreliable download should be conducted which might put the whole security of the system at risk. Moreover all transactions and transmittance of data should be done over secured HTTPS connection which is considered hacker proof. Routers sometime come with simple default passwords and login id which must be changed to complex names and numbers only known to the administrator which adds a powerful wall to the cyber security.


Amara Fontaine

Amara lives in San Diego, CA with her husband of 28 years. She enjoys spending the weekends with her husband, children and grandchildren at their favorite beach.

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